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Realeyecandy 0This is what we love. A pretty girl, naked, and stylish pictures. We'll admit we show favortism to Real Eye Candy because she's really down for GGurls. BUT, favortism or not, you'd like her fine ass anyway. She's so pretty and squeezable. Great ass too!

Twitter: @RealEyeCandy by @DynastyPhotos

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The good stuff...

Jul 17, 2014

Introducing Nancia

in Latest
Here's a new little hottie for you introduced by Smokehouse Media. Nancia actually has a lot of experience as a model. She's performed at Summerjam, Sixflags and MGM Grand Theater and has… Read More...
Apr 01, 2018

Cardi B Almost Naked

in Latest
What's a blog site about sexy women if you don't have a famous sexy woman who's all over the internet half naked posted? Cardi B was funny as hell way before she got this famous. Read More...
Jan 31, 2014

Pretty Ass Paris

in Video
Haven't updated video in awhile, so I put this together really quick. It's new GGurl Paris walking around the studio naked being playful and smiling. Didn't even bother adding music to it… Read More...