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Ratoya Banks0 New addition here. Ratoya Banks is now part of the team with these black and white snaps. She's classy and cute and she compliments the squad very nicely. We like her.

Follow her beauty team on Instagram.

Instagram: @TheRatoya
Make Up Artist: @Gasm_6906
Photography: @AlexJHudsonPhoto

Ratoya Banks Ratoya Banks1 Ratoya Banks2 Ratoya Banks3 Ratoya Banks4

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May 10, 2018

Naked Splits on the Beach

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Got damn! You see sexy girls and pictures all the time on here right...? Every now and again you get something like this that just comes together so well it's fucking crazy. Courage of 2020… Read More...
Jun 02, 2016

Ruby Foreign

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What do y'all think of Ruby Foreign? I think she's a looker just a little to clothed for GGurls lol. Let's see what the near future hold for her clothes in the next photo shoot. Read More...
Apr 29, 2014

Lady Eternity - Approved

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Ok that was quick! This is the first ever GGurl approved directly after seeing another email. In the last article I did a yay or nay on Lady Eternity. Read More...