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Rarest Jewels00 It's nice to meet somebody you've been talking to on the internet for years. Rarest Jewels wanted to shoot with GGurls and drove all the way up from Kentucky. She's a nice looking girl and a cool person.

She and Teanna killed their pictures.

Instagram: @RarestJewels

Rarest Jewels Rarest Jewels1 Rarest Jewels2 Teanna Jewels Teanna Jewels1

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The good stuff...

Jan 29, 2015

New Julia Cruz

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I think Julia Cruz really likes GGurls. She does the right thing by just sedning in pictures randomly. I like that. Need the constant content. Read More...
May 04, 2016

Become a part of GGurls

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Ok, here we go. The other day I said I needed help and I want to change things around. Basically just tired of the same ole shit, over and over. Been doing this website thing since 07' and… Read More...
Nov 04, 2014

New Stuff Coming

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Dusted off the Cannon and took a few shots the other day. I like this style of shooting with the dark background. Been trying to do this and thanks to a friend I was able to get it right.… Read More...