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Who's hotter? You decide!

This game belongs to GGurls, just thought I would lay claim to it before somebody like WSHH try to steal it and say they did it like they do everything else. We play this on Instagram all the time. So ladies follow us @GGurls if you wanna play and hashtag #pullorpreg

Pregnant = You look so good while having sex it would be impossible to pull out while cumming.
Pullout = You don't look that good, a person can pull out before cumming. Pullout Or Preg

The good stuff...

Nov 26, 2014

Latifa Drinks - Well …

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Look who made the cover of our homies magazine Well Konnected. It's GGurl Latifa Drink, dressed in pink and showing off all her scrumptious curves. You can't get too much better than this. Read More...
Jul 01, 2017


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Seems we've been getting this type on our IG a lot lately. I can't say here because I've been SERIOUSLY slacking posting on here. Introducing the ever fine Jay L by MQM. Read More...
May 04, 2016

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Ok, here we go. The other day I said I needed help and I want to change things around. Basically just tired of the same ole shit, over and over. Been doing this website thing since 07' and… Read More...