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Possibly ascended from a much more ancient time in Earth's history as she constantly hints, Pretty Power is a super human power house with uncalculable stregnth and durabilty. Every feat she can accomplish is due to her near godlike strength. She's a formidable foe to every body she faces and  is basically impossible to be defeated by brute force.

She doesn't have to breath to survive.

Instagram: @therealprettymiii

Pretty Power

The real GGurl Pictures by @stephenmidgett
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The good stuff...

Sep 30, 2016

Deja K Naked

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Last time she was on here she was super sexy in some skimpy black see through lingerie. This time she takes it all off and is even sexier. Here is super sexy Deja K again. Read More...
Aug 22, 2014

Break Over - Updates…

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Okay, it's time to start updating, I know I wrote a post a minute ago about taking a break, but you see a break to me just means working something else instead of here. Cough up the final… Read More...
May 13, 2015

Kissy Face

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Not really a model but a sexy make up artist, Kissy Face makeup is here to show off her work and her gorgeous-ness (is that a word?). She looks good, would you agree? Read More...