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Precious Jj0 I think this is the second time we have JJ on here? Use the search box on the bottom of the page. Look at all those curves and that thick ass booty... damn!

Instagram: @darealpreiousjj
Photographer: @darealsafado

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The good stuff...

Jun 24, 2014

Exclusive Kay Vega

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Fell in love with Kay Vega when I first got pictures of her from BioHertz and IBMM. After that King of of IBMM sent over and exclusive set, he must have known I really liked her. BioHertz… Read More...
May 23, 2016


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Lehmoneisha is her name... I think? I got it from her IG because I couldn't decipher "beewhyaredee"... Either way she's really nice. Read More...
Aug 05, 2014

Annie Rocq - I woke up…

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Annie Rocq loves flooding me with pictures and they're always themed. I love that. This is her newest series called "I woke up like this". Love this too. Read More...