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Who's hotter? You decide!

In the urban glamour world, people automatically think about girls with 'big booty' right? Usually people equate 'urban' with 'black' and we have no idea why? Urban means ANYBODY living in an inner city and there are plenty of white people doing so.

So with that in mind we'll bring you this article of 'Perfect White (urban) Booty'. 

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The good stuff...

Oct 18, 2014

One Bad Bish

in Latest
Treasure (1 Bad Bish) reminds of this girl I always wanted to get with but couldn't, and just like her she was one bad bish. Nice face, ass and titties. They look just alike except for the… Read More...
Mar 30, 2016

Mimi Cavalli

in Latest
It seems that is the way to go on GGurls nowadays. Here's the latest topless honey, Mimi Cavalli. Read More...
Feb 19, 2014

Choreographed Twerking

in Video
Choreographed twerking is now here! Now please don't hate on this, this is actually done right. No "they don't have no ass" comments please. Everybody doesn't like super big asses. If you… Read More...