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Who's hotter? You decide!

We've been finding brand spanking new girls to shoot a lot lately. We credit that to our much improved photography skills. Every day we get about a dozen girls who want to be down with the team. The ones we pick we showcase soon afterwards. These two brand new GGurls look promising.

Seductive and hot they're sure to make a splash with the team. Introducing, Paris and Chink, both bad as fuck.

Instagram: (Paris) @SqueezeMy - (Chink) @TheRealChinkAF



The good stuff...

Aug 21, 2015

Ericka Reye

in Latest
Ericka Reye looks soft and squeezable. The caramel coated hottie makes her debut on with pics from the man himself, Alcole. Read More...
Oct 12, 2014

New Laina J

in Latest
She's sexy and she knows it. Laina J, has been in my attention span every sincew her first set of pictures, and she continues to impress me with these. Read More...