Panda Versus Gissy

ggurls like you've never seen them before

OOOOHWEEEE this is maybe the best battle yet? You agree? Panda Supreme versus Gissy Doll. Two fantasy type chicks with some bodies you just won't believe (how good the surgeon did lol). Either way they both look too damn good, and those faces are both natural and pretty. Which one are you going with?

Panda or Gissy? We'll take... ummm? Yeah.

Panda Supreme by Jose Guerra
Panda Supreme8 Panda Supreme11


Gissy Doll by Leon Dash
Gissy Doll Gissy Doll1

Who's the hotter looking chick in this battle of the finest?


Panda Supreme Vs Gissy Doll

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