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Who's hotter? You decide!

Paisli B0 And beauty is her name. This look like such a fun easy on the eyes shoot. Here is brand new super gorgeous GGurl Paisli B shot by new photographer Cosey.

See? You can be fully clothed and make GGurls, long as your hot and you have great pictures.

Instagram: @PaisliB
Photographer: @coseyphoto

Paisli B Paisli B1 Paisli B2 Paisli B3 Paisli B4 Paisli B5 Paisli B6

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The good stuff...

Apr 02, 2018

Gorgeous Throwback

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Oh we used to love us some Gorgeous. Slender with curves, playful and had the nicest lips and a great warm mouth. Still keep in touch with her until this day. It's been a minute. Read More...
Jun 14, 2014

Updates Coming

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Man! I've been super duper busy this week, dealing with this, work, home and trying to help somebody out who didn't even fucking appreciate the shit I was doing. That being said I had to… Read More...
Feb 25, 2015


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Very distinct look. Very pretty look. This ethiopian model goes by the name of Nardos. Everything from her name and look is exotic. We love these types here and hopefully we'll get more… Read More...