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Who's hotter? You decide!

Actually I have two more brand new GGurls besides Olympia, Lil Mama and Justice to show you but I'm not sure what to do with the pictures. Print them or post them. Dunno.

Both the other girls and pictures are fire. One girl name is Cookie and I have to decide which set to post and which one not to post. The other girl is an issue because I only really have one set of her. I gave a sneak peek on IG but erased them.
Olympia, the new girl posted here that you've never seen before hit me up for a shoot. I thought she was very cute after looking at her IG pics and told her to come on. Olympia is laid back, cute and goofy as fuck lol. We had a lot of fun as usual. I swear after getting this new studio, our shoots be like parties. Everybody has a good time.

These are a preview of their full feature coming soon

Olympia2 Olympia1

Sexy Ass Lil Mama
1kenya 2kenya


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