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Trotty0  I always tell Oli I own her and she always say, "no you don't, I hate that word own". But I do own her, I own her name, her booty and her everything lol! Nah, just playing, Oli is die hard GGurls, hell maybe even more than me. She's also CRAZY as fuck, but all pretty girls are.

The only thing I own of her is her friendship. Awwwwwwwww :)

Instagram: @Lusinghiero

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The good stuff...

Jun 01, 2016

Sendy Fox Nude

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Remember these pictures of Sendy Fox? Well here are some more in the same fashion. It seems Sendy is a nudist and we love her for it. Read More...
Sep 01, 2014

New Lauren Allure

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Lauren Allure is back in what looks to be a one piece cat suit, but you know I'm not a fashion designer so all I know is she looks good in that outfit. Read More...
Sep 17, 2014

Devon Michelle After…

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I like these as soon as I saw them on Instagram. I like those type of butts Devon Michelle have, looks really perky. She's a little cutie with a nice body. Read More...