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Who's hotter? You decide!

Was on Instagram (as usual) and decided we needed a new "Sexpot" since the other one got the boot (she wasn't doing shit anyway). I made a post asking who wanted to hold the title and several girls including Kitty Vickie 6, my super long time crush said the defintion fits her the best.

She's right. Get ready to see Vickie 6 much more (again!).

Instagram: @kittyvickie6

Kitty  Vickie Kitty  Vickie1 Kitty  Vickie2 Kitty  Vickie3 Kitty  Vickie4

The good stuff...

Nov 20, 2015

Kiya Lavish

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Seems we're getting a lot of pictures sent to us in 3s. Hey, that's cool! I'll post them all just the same long as they're hot like Kiya Lavish shot by Alcole Studios. Read More...
May 23, 2016


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Lehmoneisha is her name... I think? I got it from her IG because I couldn't decipher "beewhyaredee"... Either way she's really nice. Read More...
Apr 18, 2018

Kelly Twins - Paint Job

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Two of the baddest chicks in the modeling game, the Kelly Twins, stay slim and they stay fit. They love to take pictures together and we mean even selfies. But can you call two people in… Read More...