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Niya Dior0 I like these pictures. I can't exactly put my finger on what itis that I like but I just do. This is Niya Dior, that's Ms Niya if you're nasty.

Instagram: @msniyadior
Photographer: @iphotomillzz

Niya Dior Niya Dior1 Niya Dior2 Niya Dior3 Niya Dior4

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The good stuff...

Mar 11, 2013

Amilleyon Amor Twerking

in Video
Twerking is still here even though the twerk team is playing the shit out. Here is Amilleyon Amor Twerking to some music (don't really know what the name of it don't care) to Lil Wayne,… Read More...
Jun 16, 2014

Lois Shine - Video

in Video
This is the video that the animated .gifs we posted are from. Lois Shine is naturally attractive and killing most females we see in the game. Thanks to LX Photography for the video and… Read More...
Oct 17, 2016

Rate Her: So Denise

in Latest
Got another one from Kevin, her name is Denise and I think she's pretty sexy. What do you think? Is she? Might have to post one on our Instagram to find out. Read More...