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nicole ashley Another GGurl exclusive! Introducing the fine Nicole Ashley by Alex Tirado!

Facebook:Nicole Ashley by @AlexTiradoPhoto

How long have you been in the game? 1 year. 
Single? Yes
What are your measurements? 5'7 120ilbs, waist 26inches
Would you date a guy/girl off the internet?I would date a guy off the internet , if i got to see him first.
What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)? I hope to accomplish a lot in my modeling career, Magazines, etc.
What turns you off? A guy who is super cocky
What turns you on? Tattoos. and looking good
Favorite pair of jeans? Nice pair of guess jeans. Very classic & they fit me good
Favorite pair of shoes? Aldo's , sometimes a pair of jordans
What kind of guy/girl do you like?  Tatted up, tall dark handsome. Not cocky but confident. Treats me good and doesn't look at me to pay. Great smile
Are you wifey material? Most definately , But i love having my fun and meeting new people. I would love to settle down. But, nooone has proven therself to me yet.
Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site? Facebook. ;) And you'll be seeing me a lot more. Promise :D
Nicole Ashley
Nicole Ashley1
Nicole Ashley2
Nicole Ashley3
Nicole Ashley4
Nicole Ashley5

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