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Who's hotter? You decide!

Dusted off the Cannon and took a few shots the other day. I like this style of shooting with the dark background. Been trying to do this and thanks to a friend I was able to get it right. Here are some pictures of Cookie, new GGurl Farrah and Soraya.

Instagram: @MissPBCookie @Farah_1000 @Taylor.Soraya

Misspbcookie Misspbcookie1 Farrah Farrah1 Farrah2 Farrah3 Farrah4 Sor Sor1 Sor2 Sor3 Sor4

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The good stuff...

Aug 16, 2014


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Bet some of you will like this new girl, her name is Capri, she's heavily tatted with a big ole booty. Follow her on Instagram. Read More...
Jun 21, 2014

New Thicktoria

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This is hot. Thicktoria is back looking even sexier than the last time. Love these pictures man! Nice to see photographer Nureign back in action. Read More...
Nov 12, 2014

Tori Sweetheart

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Sure to please your eyes, Tori Sweetheart makes her debut on the world's biggest urban glamour site. I was amazed at how good this woman look, from booty to face and I'm sure you will be… Read More...