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Latifa D0 One of our favorites, is still active and as bad as ever. It's Latifa Drinks and these may be her best pictures yet. That's saying a lot because all her pictures look good. Latifa is cute with a very nice shapely body. She has a perfect shape and some beautiful brown skin.

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Twitter: @LatifaDrinks

Latifa D Latifa D1 Latifa D2 Latifa D3 Latifa D4 Latifa D5 Latifa D6

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The good stuff...

Feb 24, 2017

Rockie B - Yay or Nay>

in Latest
I like these three quick shots of Rockie B. She looks promising. Some more booty would have done but it's cool. This is GGurls after all. Read More...
Apr 05, 2016

No Boys Allowed

in Latest
You gotta check this out. It's called No Boys Allowed by Star Max Quest and will be available on soon. Nothing but sexiness all around but no fellas! Shut up... you still… Read More...
Jun 10, 2018

Name These Girls Please

Alright, here we go again. Periodically we do this. We need help in identifying these 6 girls. The killer part is I bet we already know a couple of them but just don't recognize who they… Read More...