Mizz China0 Something different, something fresh. Mizz China from BP Studio gave us a sexy number to gawk at. You can admire the hot girl and the art work in these photos.

Pretty T0 Nice update here. This is (my new girlfriend lol) Pretty T by BJ Colston. Pretty T apparently also likes to take naked pictures. Pretty T is pretty. Pretty fits the GGurls criteria to a T. See what I did there? Come on Pretty.

Kayla Ramos0 Very pretty. Had to post. Her fine ass is named Kayla Ramos and her nickname is Taco Light lol. I got a whole collection of pictures from B. Colston sitting in my Dropbox. That year hiatus let me accumulate a lot of stuff.

Asia Amour Zishy0 We've been posting Asia Amour a lot this year. Seems she is the new little "It" girl. She's sexy as fuck so there's that. Although we have some good pics of her. Zishy has a lot of naked ones of her that you'll want to check out.

Wild Barbie0 William Byrd hit me up through and DM and said to take a look at these through his Dropbox account. Immediately impressed. I asked him who is she and her name was 'Young Wild Barbieee'. The. Name. Fits. She is wild and out there.

Salm0 A guy on Instagram DM'ed me just yesterday asking me about these pictures of Kenya a.k.a. Sexy Ass Lil' Mama. He said he wanted them from Digital Dollz but the site wasn't functioning right (I turned off the payment system).

Gorgeous Lex0 What a body on this one. If the word "exquisite" had a picture, it would be photo of Gorgeous Lex. That's a helluva compliment but it's one hundred percent true. This woman has it all.

Kandence Kyle0 J Alex has become huge and can be now call THE west coast photographer for our industry. Here's his latest sexy masterpiece: Kadence Kyles. She looks super fun to play with.

Mocha0You can't possibly have anything bad to say about these two pictures. But get this, her name ain't "Hot Mocha". I don't know what it is. I saw her pictures on Tumblr, did some research and found out fellow Detroit photographer Steven Ovakk took them.

Noelle Monique0 Never heard of her, but it seems that Noelle Monique is known around the web as a sexy girl who doesn't mind showing you a little something. She'll lift her shirt up and show you her chest with no problem.

Holly  Monroe0 Straight out of GGurls' Magazine is Holly Monroe in her birthday suit, and what a nice suit it is. We knew Holly had a great body due to her other feature on here and we always wanted to see it..

Huly0 Another sexy vixen ready to show you her body. This one is the edible (yes edible) Huly from Stasy Q. Wanna see more? Simply click any of the picture or the banner. You'll see a bunch of 'em!

Panda Manda0 Oh yeah baby... There is nothing, NOTHING more beatiful than a woman in this world. That's what we heterosexual males think anyway. So when a great looking woman like Pretty Panda Manda shows off her body and even gives you a topless pic,

Tfb0 Scantily cladded (did I spell that right? No time to Google) and looking edible, Tatted F Baby is back with some pure dopeness in these new pictures by her and Alcole Studios. The perve in us really wanted that chain to

Cherry Genis0 Check it. Got an email from Lx Photo Pro about this girl: Cherry Genis. Love the poses, love the overall look and feel of the pictures. You know what we need though. More skin! Great pics you two, but let's get a little more bold in the next set.

Yana0What a big booty Yana has. It's almost a ten out of ten (nothing is an actual ten). Yana is a model who loves to pose completely nude, because if you got it you got it. The women who hate on her can't do this. Want to see MUCH more?

Msfourthofjuly0These have been sitting in a folder on my desktop labeled 'Magazine Issue 2' for some years now and I can't remember why. They were never put on here or in a magazine and they are some very sexy shots of Ms. Fourth of July ( Michelle) by 2020 Photography.

Lil Kim Dd0So damn adorable and fun loving. Always smiling and always cool. Lil Kim was mad cool and she had a crush on the owner of GGurls. So much so that she stripped naked in front of him.

Achanty0 These are some great shots. I don't know if Achanty T is celebrating her birthday or something but whatever it was, she did it for the 6th issue of GGurls Magazine.

Dreamy Rob0 Man...! Just so happen to be going through my dropbox account and saw these. They are actually about 2 or 3 years old so it's ok to release them now. These are of Dreamy Robinson by Alcole Studios for GGurls Magazine.

Jessica0 Love us some Jessica. The cutese little thing I swear. These were for (of course) Digital Dollz and now they are for here, to keep yo' ass coming back. Nothing is more sweeter than a short pretty girl with a fat ass right?

Paris Dd0 You probably seen two of these already. Posted two of them back in the day as soon as I edited them. Used them for advertising DigitalDollz. I made them wallpaper like so people could download them and use them, thus further advertising. It's GGurl Paris who just loved to walk around naked all the time.

Takara0 A very cute little thing. Takara Santos graces our pages today and now today is a good day. Cute smile and slender body. Glad to have her. Ummmmm GGurl of the day?

Milliy Banks0Was tagged with her pictures on Instagram by photographer Jay Hunt. Had to have 'em as she's a looker. Milliy Banks. Trying to figure out how to pronouce her name though.

Lena   Renea0 Not playing. These are some of my favorite pictures since creating GGurls. It was so HARD for me not to post these pictures of Lena Renea online once I saw them. They were taken by Alcoloe Studios for the very first issue of GGurls magazine.

Just0 That's our new word: "New Throwback". Which are pictures of sets taken way back ago however never posted. Yeah "way back ago". 

Jessica Reddy0 She fucked with us first. As a matter of fact after we presented her to the world, everybody hit her up. She was making a name for herself too. Then she disappeared. Probably got a boyfriend or married or something...

Chink Cookie0Love these two... If you noticed, I have a LOT of pictures of Peanut Butter Cookie. Shot her a lot. She was basically my girlfriend lol. The other girl is Chink, she was cool as hell too. I had just met her and it was like we knew each other already.

Quee0 First 'Queen" we've had on here that only went by Queen. A thick queen never the less. She round in the right spots and flat in the other right spots. We like you your majesty.

Tacara Brene0 I think Aracat or Tacara is the most posted girl on here for 2018 so far. I'm sure she is. She's very photogenic in every set and this one is no exception.

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