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Getting a little lazy on this one because I don't know if I used one of these girls before. Don't think I did but I'm not about to search. Even if I did, it's cool because they all will be used multiple times. It's Nadine Kerastas versus Maria Villaba. Both are beyond hot so this will be, as usual, a tough.

All the girls on here are fine right? Which one are you going with fam?

@nadine_kerastas by @ThisIsEames (Instagram) website: SkynMagazine
Nadine Kerastas7 Nadine Kerastas8


@themariavillalba by @ThisisEames (Instagram: website: SkynMagazine
Maria V2 Maria Villalba

Which is the baddest of the two?

Nadine Versus Maria

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