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megan nicole Damn is she bad. Megan Nicole is pretty damn good in every category we can think of. Just name a body part, go 'head, yep she has a nice one. Damn is she bad

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The good stuff...

Nov 20, 2013

Oli - Boss Ass Bitch

in Video
Kind of an insider, but I chose the song Boss Ass Bitch purposely because it's Oli' favorite song at the moment. Actually she hates it, which pleases me even more lol. I think she'll get a… Read More...
Oct 01, 2013

Two Skinny White Girls…

in Video
Thought Miley Cyrus had no ass? Well it's a trend now that she twerked on national TV. Twerking was for girls with ass, now it's for anybody. No, this is not a spoof or somebody trying to… Read More...
Apr 29, 2013

Best Booty Shake

in Video
Now it's probably not the absolute best booty shake you've ever seen but it is a pretty damn good one. Looks like whoever this booty belongs to, it might just be real. Nice and round and… Read More...