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Who's hotter? You decide!

Marz is back with some new stuff! This time he hooked up with Victoria and got us another GG exclusive. Victoria has some nice lips on her don't she? Great set here.

Twitter: @Qu33nVictoria by @Qu33nVictoria

Victoria  Victoria  1 Victoria  2 Victoria  3

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The good stuff...

Nov 07, 2015

Pull Out Or Pregnant?

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This game belongs to GGurls, just thought I would lay claim to it before somebody like WSHH try to steal it and say they did it like they do everything else. We play this on Instagram all… Read More...
Jun 20, 2018

Is Moriah Mills a…

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I remember there used to be this guy on Twitter who made a big thing about black porn stars sleeping with with men only. He had an entire blog dedicated to it. Even got mad at us for… Read More...
Feb 23, 2018

Jamaica Bandz - Naked…

Jamaica Bandz sent in some pro pictures today but I can't post them until she gives me the high resolution version. When I hit her up and asked if she didn't mind being nude, Read More...