Marz Presents: Pretty Jamee Featured

ggurls like you've never seen them before

Pretty Jamee0 We teased you forever about this exclusive. We showed you the shoot live via Ustream. The feedback was so big we knew how big the anticipation was. Well here it is. Pretty Jamee's exclusive GGurls photo shoot by @MarchalMARZian. The wait was well worth it because we almost didn't post these pictures, Lewis the webmaster was going to keep them for himself! But after giving up his selfish ways, he decided to show them. Yes, the popular @PrettyJamee took some stunning eye candy shots just for GGurls.

Pretty Jamee
Pretty Jamee1
Pretty Jamee2
Pretty Jamee3
Pretty Jamee4
Pretty Jamee5
Pretty Jamee6

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