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Mz Gotti0 GGurl photographer Marchal Martian of Marz Studios is a fantastic photographer. He's an artist really. He paints a scene with several pictures giving you beauty and style with a sexy woman. In his 2nd Marz Presents! presentation he introduces Mz Gotti to the world. This model in one word? Stunning. People, here's a exclusive.

Cover Shot

For all of those who do not know you, how about you introduce yourself.
I am known as Gotti

How did that name come about?
It was a mispronunciation of my shortened middle name.

Which is?
Caridad or “Cari” for short. But when you say it with a Spanish accent it sounds like “Gotti”. After a while I got tired of correcting people so I just left it at that .

Where are you from Mz. Gotti?
I was born and raised in NY until I was 9, and then I moved to Providence, RI until I was 18, now I’m in FL

So you’re from a little bit of everywhere?
You can say that. I plan on hitting Cali next lol

Close Up2
How long have you been in the game? (modeling)
I started in 2009, but didn’t really begin to take it serious until the middle of 2010
So how did it feel when GGurls approached you to be featured in the MARZ Presents section?
I was a bit excited! I felt honored that they thought highly enough of me to have me featured. All the girls they feature on the site are super hot, so for them to approach me definitely boosted my confidence.

How did your shoot with MARZ go?

It was AMAZING! I felt extremely comfortable, he made me laugh a lot and we got awesome shots. I had a great time

SO, what kinds of things have you done so far as a model?? Any events, shoots, fashion shows, stuff like that?

ALL of them lol. I’ve done fashion shows, Video shoots, event hostings, car shows, photoshoots… etc

So would you say you prefer being on the runway or in front of the camera?

I dominate both Close Up
REALLY?? That’s a really confident answer
Yep, I have height, I have exotic features, I work well with my facial expressions, and I have a killer walk.

A lot of ppl would consider that cockiness

(laughs) Its not my fault. I guess I just have a look that people seem to love; photographers and fashion designers alike. I didn’t start out with this confidence , it was given to me lol

So what would be your favorite genre of modeling?  Would you say fashion, glamour, iCandy?  Which one could you see yourself doing the most of throughout your career?
My favorite would have to be Runway. The feeling I get walking down that runway is like no other. I enjoy having people stare at me in amazement and praising my beauty

Sounds like someone loves attention lol
Im a Gemini, its in my nature lol. I mean everyone loves attention at least a little bit. As long as its positive attention

Have you ever thought about acting?
I have. I look at Angelina Jolie all the time like “Oh I wish I could do that” lol, so I guess you could say so

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)?
I hope to do more runway, be featured on billboards and advertisements. And eventually move more towards acting

Any hobbies outside of modeling?
Writing, eating, and video games

Really? Video games?
OMG YES! Tekken, God of War, Madden… I love em all!Writing, eating, and video games Really? Video games? OMG YES! Tekken, God of War, Madden… I love em all! Tub2

And now to the good Stuff

What's your favorite part of your body?
My face

I feel like I have very exotic facial features that a lot of other girls don’t have. My eyes, my cheek bones.. And without a face, you can’t be too much of a model ;)

Would you date a guy/girl off the internet?
LMAO I actually have before

What turns you on?
A man who can……

What turns you off?
A lot of things turn me off, but my biggest turn offs are men with poor hygiene, and a man who is doing nothing with himself. I don’t care if he’s working at McDonald’s and his dream is to go from fries, to the cash register, at least he’s showing some ambition.

Favorite pair of jeans?
I don’t like to wear jeans, they make me feel suffocated. I would be a nudist if I could ;)

Favorite pair of shoes?
I don’t have one. I love any shoe that looks sexy on my foot

Are You Single?
Yes, I’m single, but I’m not AVAILABLE. My main focus right now is my career

What kind of guy/girl do you like?
(snickers) For females I like tall, well fit, exotic, and natural. No fake nails, hair, eyes etc. Kind of like me ;) HOWEVER, I can deal with fake boobs though (LOL). I’m very picky when it comes to females, I’m a little bit more open when it comes to men. Physical features aren’t really that important to me, as long as they treat me right and have goals and ambitions for themselves that they are actively working towards

Where else can we see you besides GG!?
You can find me on twitter @Mz_Gotti and see more of my work on, as well as many other websites out there. (Google me ;-D)


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