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Keshia Parker shoots with GGurls and we finally got the pics! Keshia has a nice body on her and a great booty. Studio Marz captured these pictures pefectly on a black background.

Twitter: @StudioMARZ by @KeshiaParker

Keshia Parker Keshia Parker1 Keshia Parker2 Keshia Parker3 Keshia Parker4

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The good stuff...

Nov 18, 2013

Olympia Justice and Lil…

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Actually I have two more brand new GGurls besides Olympia, Lil Mama and Justice to show you but I'm not sure what to do with the pictures. Print them or post them. Dunno. Read More...
Jun 06, 2015

Paris - Naked Again

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Saw these in my hard drive amongst the thousands of pics I have. These are two naked of Paris aka @squeezemy. For some reason Paris loves to come to the studio and just walk around naked.… Read More...
Jan 29, 2014

Paris and Chink - New…

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We've been finding brand spanking new girls to shoot a lot lately. We credit that to our much improved photography skills. Every day we get about a dozen girls who want to be down with the… Read More...