Marz Presents DeDe On The Beach

ggurls like you've never seen them before

Dede0The last Marchal Martian exclusives circulated the web after people discovered his talent and the beauty of the women he choose. This one might become famous around the universe after you see his raw talent in this set of photos and the unbelievable beauty of Dede. The pictures are angled perfectly to showcase the sexiness of Dede. People here is the latest in the Marz Present exclusives for Oh, you're welcome. Follow @MarchalMartian & @Dede_ontheBeach

DD Intro Page
Introduce Yourself
My name is Dauvinee Damati, but most people call me Dede. I'm 22 years old from none other than the Big Apple, currently residing in beautiful Miami, Florida. I am 5'4 and my measurements are 34' 28' 40'.

What is your nationality?
I am mixed with Jamaican, Puerto Rican & Spaniard

How long have you been in the game?
I've been modeling since I was 19, so 3 years now, but more seriously this past year. I want this more than ever!

So how did it feel when GGurls approached you to be featured in the MARZ Presents section?
Surprised and honored, naturally! Ggurls features such exotic women, so I'm very excited for this release! And MARZ is one of, if not my favorite photographer (:

How did your shoot with MARZ go?
The shoot was awesome. Though we were a little pressed for time, it turned out great. Once we had the slow jams blasting, it was show time! Lol. I feel like every time I shoot with him it’s my best shoot, honestly.

What kinds of things have you done so far as modeling?
I’ve done quite a few things! Photoshoots, Fashion shows, Promotional events, Video shoots, Hosting events, etc.

So would you say you prefer being on the runway or in front of the camera??
Definitely in front of the camera. Runway is for taller women, which I am not. I feel like the camera allows more of my personality to show, whereas runway is a quick, controlled run through; promoting clothing and such. I have a fierce walk, I must say, but the camera loves me!

What would be your favorite genre of modeling?  Would you say fashion, glamour, iCandy?
iCandy. Im absolutely head over heels with the idea that curvy women are being embraced and honored for their shape. A lot of pressure and judgement comes along with this type of modeling, but I love it. Sex sells and who better to evoke sex, than curvy women!?

Which one could you see yourself doing the most of throughout your career?
Glamour and iCandy. They're pretty opposite, but i feel like I dominate both genres

Any hobbies outside of modeling?
I really enjoy creative writing. I'm studying Public Relations & Communications so the two go hand in hand. I'm a people- person so anytime I can socialize face to face or on paper is fine by me. I have an opinion on everything!

Favorite pair of jeans?
I don't wear a lot of jeans, but my favorite would have to be stretch skinny jeans. They hug your body and still let you breathe!

Favorite pair of shoes?
Nude heels are my favorite shoes, they go with everything!

DD Upside Down
Are You Single?
I am very single

What kind of guy/girl do you like?
I like someone who is driven, trustworthy and intelligent, someone who is comfortable with themselves and well mannered.

Would you date a guy/girl off the internet?

I can't say that I wouldn't. You never know who you’re going to meet in your future.

What's your favorite part of your body and Why?
My back. A woman's back is so subtle yet mysterious. Call me crazy, but I think its one of my sexiest features.

What turns you on?
A huge turn on for me is humility. I love someone who is humble and wise. I get shy just talking about it

In your opinion, when is the best time to have sex??
I am a very passionate person and sex is very intimate. I think if two people have a mutual chemistry and want to explore their affections sexually, then a person shouldn't place a time limit for such a thing.

If you had a theme song in the bedroom, what would it be??
LOL! It's so difficult for me to only pick one but, I think Come over by Jennifer Lopez is legit. Download it!

DD Back Shot Standing
What turns you off?
Ignorance and arrogance. There's no quicker way to lose my interest

DD Front Standing
Final words?
I want to thank MARZ photo, and Ggurls for taking the time to notice me and make it possible for this feature! I look forward to what's in store for the future! :)

DD Topless

You can see more of Dauvinee Damati at:
Twitter: @DeDe_OnTheBeach
Facebook: DeDe Damati

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