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Makia0 Ok, these are the type of pics I like. I'm trying to aim GGurls in this direction. More classy see through and topless pictures. Gotta do something different that just modeling correct?

Makia delivered and she's fine.

Instagram: @1kaliqueen
Photographer: @photobtookthat

Makia Makia1 Makia2 Makia3 Makia4 Makia5 Makia6 Makia7

The good stuff...

Sep 11, 2014


in Video
This was a very well put together video of a girl name Desire by Alex Tirado. Very seductive and almost anything in black and white makes it better right? Desire will tease the hell out of… Read More...
Feb 23, 2018

Jamaica Bandz - Naked…

Jamaica Bandz sent in some pro pictures today but I can't post them until she gives me the high resolution version. When I hit her up and asked if she didn't mind being nude, Read More...
Jan 07, 2015

Tamika Dejean

in Latest
Tamika Dejean is a sexpot with a bad ass body (and booty!). She kinda got that sass in her poses and you know men love a little sassy ass girl. Especially one with a booty like this. Read More...