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lusinghiero Talk about being photogenic, we don't think Lusinghiero can take a bad picture. Yes this is the same GGurl who we nicknamed Oli but we thought we give you something else to Google. Each one of her pictures are breath taking and she can do no wrong in front of the camera. Best thing about Oli? She's DIE HARD GGurls.

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Twitter: @__Boyshortsss Instagram: @Lusinghiero

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The good stuff...

May 25, 2014

Introducing Queen Patra

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♪It's that pretty brown brown, driving me while ♫ Talk about being pretty all over, Queen Patra's face, body and skin is like perfect. Wow does she has some pretty ass eyes. Read More...
Mar 05, 2016

Saniya Cummings

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Wait 'til you get a load of Saniya Cummins. Cute face, nice ass. If you don't like her I'm questioning you. Take a good look at her. Read More...
Oct 29, 2015

3 Hot Shots - Lani Pop

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Lani Pop looks like she got thicker, which is right up a lot of youse alleys. These are the latest pictures we have of this popular Vixen. Read More...