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I got these from a photographer who wanted to introduce us to Lois Shine. I'm highly impressed. She's nice all over and if you don't believe these .gif pictures then I have a video for you in the video section just below on the main page. Like I said, she's bad as fuck.

Here is a link to the entire dropbox file of animated .gifs: click here.

Twitter: @LoiisShine Instagram: @LoisShine

Lois Shine Lois Shine1 Lois Shine2 Lois Shine3 Lois Shine4 Lois Shine5 Lois Shine6 Lois Shine7 Lois Shine8 Lois Shine9 Lois Shine10 Lois Shine11 Lois Shine12 Lois Shine13

The good stuff...