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Who's hotter? You decide!

WEB LivvySweets  Px120 4258So it's been a minute since I've seen Livvy. Something about her personality that matches her beauty. Always love shooting with her. And really love the fact that she had Batman Tshirt, one of my favorite DC characters. 


IG: @livvy_sweets

Photographer: @inergeestudios




WEB LivvySweets  4258WEB LivvySweets  4247WEB LivvySweets  4274


The good stuff...

Feb 24, 2017

Rockie B - Yay or Nay>

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I like these three quick shots of Rockie B. She looks promising. Some more booty would have done but it's cool. This is GGurls after all. Read More...
Jul 01, 2017


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Seems we've been getting this type on our IG a lot lately. I can't say here because I've been SERIOUSLY slacking posting on here. Introducing the ever fine Jay L by MQM. Read More...
Dec 14, 2014

CC Jolie

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Ooh this is a very hot set. Introducing CC Jolie by Mr 12 AM. I really like this one. Glad I found it deep in my inbox. Read More...