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Lilkim0Met Lil Kim about two weeks ago when she did a GGurl tryout shoot. We see why she's called Lil Kim because that's exactly who she looks like. Always smiling and silly as fuck she was a really good shoot. She kept staring at me a lot cause I know she likes me lol.

Introducing the newest core GGurl Lil Kim.

You can see more revealing pics on

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The good stuff...

Jun 08, 2014

Redbone Modeling Chevy

in Latest
Never caught her real name, just knows that she goes by the name of Redbone 21. The link I was given for IG doesn't work, but there was no way I wasn't posting her. If you like girls and… Read More...
Nov 06, 2014

Rejina Jarvis - Naked

in Video
Well almost. If you look until the end you'll see her naked nipples. The pictures from this shoot however are nude. Can't wait for those!  Read More...
Oct 18, 2017

Mag Updates Happening

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Going to make some kind of campaign out of this and bring some new fans in. But I'll be updating big time with the previous magazines. Read More...