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Lexxi0 This is the year of the small cutie! Either that or the word is out that GGurls love smaller girls too. Lexxi fits the bill and is now a GGurl for being a small cutie!

Instagram: @Model_Lexxi
Photographer: @PriveStudios

Lexxi Lexxi1 Lexxi2 Lexxi3

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The good stuff...

Jul 01, 2015

New Alex

in Latest
Everybody's favorite little cute midget Alex Isabella returns with new pictures. Actually Alex takes new pictures like everyday. So it's nothing too big of a deal lol. Read More...
Jun 02, 2016

Ruby Foreign

in Latest
What do y'all think of Ruby Foreign? I think she's a looker just a little to clothed for GGurls lol. Let's see what the near future hold for her clothes in the next photo shoot. Read More...
May 29, 2016

Lebra Jolie

in Video
Sean sent me a DM (direct message) on Instagram showing me a video of Lebra Jolie. I posted it on my IG and people loved her. Now he sent me these videos that I just had to post here. Check… Read More...