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Who's hotter? You decide!

Tetra0 Man, the lips and booty on this new GGurl scream SENSUAL. Very seductive!

Twitter: @_HunnyB

Where are you from? Dallas, TX 

How long have you been in the game? I have been modeling for  years off and on.

Single? No

What are your measurements? 34B, 26, 37

What's your favorite part of your body? My Lips

Would you date a guy off the Internet? maybe

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)? I hope to establish my place in the industry where I'm known to the models I look up too, I would love to have my foot in everything from runway, high end fashion, magazines, all the way to calenders.

What turns you off? Stupidity, a liar, a person that doesn't want to better themselves.

What turns you on? a guy that is intelligent, can keep a conversation going, isn't out in the clubs every night, UNDERSTANDING, good hygiene, and a nice smile 

Favorite pair of jeans? I love tights

Favorite pair of shoes? I LOVE heels 

What kind of guy do you like? he has to know what he wants in life, have his head on right, a guy that is older then me, nice smile, loves his mother and respect her because how a man treats his mother is more then likely how he will treat you and dresses nice. 

Are you wifey material? YES YES YES lol but I been there done that not looking to rush into that again. I know how to treat my man but first he has to show me he is a man in order to get that treatment. ;-)

Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site? facebook: Latetra S. Anderson (Gilstrap)  twitter: @_HunnyB_


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