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Luv0Larissa has told me she's going to be the new baby and she's been doing a very kick ass job going about it. From sexy half naked selfies to pro pictures like these, she's staying super busy. You're going to see a lot of her on here and our social media sites.

Instagram: @uluvlala
Photographer: @j_alexphotos

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The good stuff...

Apr 25, 2015

What Happened to The…

in Latest
Rough spot. Let me start off by going about 8 years back. I started GGurls off by myself building it to a very popular thing you see today. I always say I had no idea it would get this… Read More...
Jan 07, 2015

Karisha Monique Video

in Video
This was sexy. Been a minute since I talked to Karisha Monique. She hit me on Instagram saying I should post this. Of course baby, of course! Read More...
Jan 06, 2015

Cocaine Chloe

in Latest
I like her. She looks dope, maybe that's why her name is Cocaine Chloe, because she's dope. Whatever the case may be I like her, I think she's sexy as fuck. Read More...