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Who's hotter? You decide!

L Shima has a new set of sexy naked pictures she just sent in. She's a dedicated model and looking to expand. Don't sleep on this fine one.

Twitter: @LShima_Model
Facebook: LShima

My name is L.Shima (but you can just call me Shima). 
I am 20 years young. I have 2 years experience in modeling. I do nothing but laugh and smile. The world is a joyous place and I enjoy living in it. KEEP IT POSITIVE. Big Smile 

I love the camera backwards and forwards. Modeling allows me to collaborate with other artists in capturing the essence of beauty, fashion, movement, affection, and creativity. The human body is a perfect muse to inspire the mind and challenge the audience. Pictures have the ability and strength to change the world. 

I am here for business and will only respond to those that are serious and handle themselves professionally. I will do my due diligence regarding the legitimacy of all jobs. I am very flexible, but I always have the final say in what I am willing to do professionally as an artist: my work is always tastefully done 

++THANKS EVERYONE. For all of the picture comments, lists, and tags!!! It makes my day even more better to hear so many lovely responses!! I recently shot with the wonderful Mark Daughn #48401 for PLAYBOY TV Smile What a wonderful experience. I will keep working hard so I can continue to model on such wonderful projects++ 

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Jogging Topless

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