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Who's hotter? You decide!

Brann Kylee0 Probably the best two girl shoot I posted this year featuring "Baddie" Brann and Kylee Mone'.. You know when something is good when it grabs your attention as soon as you see it. These pictures did it for me...

Instagram: @baddiebrann @therealdimples
Photographer: @j_alexphotos

Brann Kylee Brann Kylee1 Brann Kylee2

The good stuff...

Feb 11, 2018

Tag Her

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I have no idea who this is... Maybe I've been out the loop too long this time. Who is she? Who shot this..? Not trying to take credit for the shoot or the model and I never altered the… Read More...
Jun 07, 2018

Ms Fernandes Naked

She is turning heads all over the internet. She's really making a big splash lately. Ms. Fernandez is looking good and is now starting to get a little naughty. You know we got people… Read More...
Apr 26, 2015

Nikita Maria - Naked

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Nikita been hitting me up telling me she wants me to own her, oh wait, I wasn't suppose to mention that part, my bad. She's been hitting me up saying she has a new photographer to introduce… Read More...