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Krystina Monet0 Had to have these. These are some bad ass sexy ass pictures, both the model and photographer kicked ass on these. This is Krystina Monet and I'm now wondering why in the hell these weren't on here before?

Instagram: @KrystinaN_Monet Twitter: @KrystinaN_Monet
Photographer: @JayFKImages

Krystina Monet Krystina Monet1 Krystina Monet2 Krystina Monet3

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The good stuff...

Feb 24, 2015

Ashia Danielle

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My man Briscoe (that's his name) does it again with a little hottie name Ashia Danielle. I like the style of these pictures so I had to post them. Dig 'em. Read More...
Jan 23, 2015


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Thick body cutie Yasmine wanted to be a GGurl and these are the pics that got her in the club. Yasmeen is very fitting for the team. Read More...
Dec 14, 2014

Asanah in a Maserati

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GGurls resident adult star Asanah took some topless pictures in a Maserati. I didn't even know Maserati's looked so nice in the inside. Or maybe that's Asanah making it look that good? Read More...