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Kristal Cruz0 Now you already know! These pictures were a big must for GGurls. A pretty girl like Kristal Cruz showing off her body like this with emphasis on that pretty backside. Just too nice!

Instagram: @cantakrystal
Photographer: @alxguzmanphotography

Kristal Cruz Kristal Cruz1 Kristal Cruz2 Kristal Cruz3

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The good stuff...

Aug 05, 2014

Charm Killings Graphic

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One of my favortite pictures just got turned into a sweet ass graphic. Here is Charm Killings immortalized in GGurl fashion. Read More...
Jul 10, 2018

Nilla B - Selfies

Love pure selfie threads, I used to call these "Cell Phone Cuties" which is basically the same thing and the theme we still stick with. They don't have to be selfies, just taken with a… Read More...
Dec 05, 2016


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Introducing Mza from MQ studios. She got a nice body right? Next time Mza needs to show some more skin. This IS GGurls after all. Read More...