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Krissie Kris0 Got with Smitty of 313 Dope Media a couple of weeks ago at my studio and he brought a couple of hot girls with him. Here is Krissy Kris shot by him. Pictures came out pretty nice. I like. I have a huge update to do, so enjoy these while I get to it.

Instagram: @krissie_kris
Photographer: @313DopeMedia

Krissie Kris Krissie Kris1 Krissie Kris2 Krissie Kris3

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The good stuff...

Aug 02, 2016


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Going simply by the name "Combo" I'm happy to introduce this new girl from photographer BP. I'm high as fuck right now so let's hope I can put up the other 50 girls waiting in my inbox lol. Read More...
Aug 19, 2014

Dallas Payne

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Here she is. It's Dallas Payne, a brand new cutie sent in by Iced Up Photography. These are some nice classsy looking pictures. Read More...
Jun 29, 2018

Nadine Versus Maria

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Getting a little lazy on this one because I don't know if I used one of these girls before. Don't think I did but I'm not about to search. Even if I did, it's cool because they all will be… Read More...