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WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket Px120 9336  It was said that Kimmie Lee belongs to GGurls. And we very meant that. You know how we love the slim-thick chicks. And Kimmie Lee is definitely one of those. Lawd have mercy!!!

 These images are from Inergee Studios and part of his "Being Commando" project.  IG:@_kimmielee Twitter: @_kimmielee Photographer: @inergeestudios






WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket 9336WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket 9314WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket 9357WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket 9361WEB KimmieLee BlackJacket 9369

The good stuff...

May 07, 2014

Yay or Nay? Porcha

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Hmmmm? Hmmmm? I kinda dig these pictures, the photography itself is on point and the girl ain't bad. My only complaint is she's not showing enough the way we like to show girls.… Read More...
Sep 10, 2016

Brittanya 187 Selfies

Brittanya 187 has a body to die for. It should come with road side warnings about how curvy it is. You won't believe it if you've never seen it. Read More...
Oct 11, 2017

Quick Vacation

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Have to go to Minnesota for a few days... Taking the wife. Yes, I'm married. I just have a wife who allows me to do whatever as long as I take care of her. Read More...