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Kiersten Olivia0 Gawd is she hot. Kiersten Olivia is a looker and we're glad to have her on here. Don't think you can find her anywhere else and if you do you know where you saw her first.

Instagram: @kierstenolivia
Photographer: @iconimages

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The good stuff...

Apr 29, 2014

Lady Eternity - Approved

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Ok that was quick! This is the first ever GGurl approved directly after seeing another email. In the last article I did a yay or nay on Lady Eternity. Read More...
Dec 31, 2016

On Vacation

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I know I haven't updated in a minute... I'll be back at it soon.. got a lot going on as usual ol... sprained my foot.. the holidays.. the 9 to 5 (the main thing) and the wife and kid... but… Read More...
Nov 20, 2015

Toyah G

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Annnnnd another hot 3 pics. Three was the lucky number today as most of the updates contained only 3 pictures. This is Toyah G, aka ATL Cuteness. Read More...