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Who's hotter? You decide!

I thought these were pretty nice pictures. Nice and seductive like and black and white pictures always look good for some reason. This is Keandra "Keke" Monae and she would like for you to get to know her better.

Instagram: @kekemonae_
Photographer: Derrick D. Brown (IG: @dbrownphotos2)

Keandra Keandra1 Keandra2

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The good stuff...

Feb 20, 2016

Snowblack KG Body Mag

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Fit and beautiful with a fun vibrant personality to compliment it all, Snow Black recently shot with my people KG Body Mag who sent this in a few days ago. Makes you excited huh? Yeah. Read More...
Feb 16, 2017

Miss Kelz Kakes

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I be running out of shit to say when posting new hotties. Sometimes it's just best left to let the pictures do the talking. That booty looks soft don't it? Read More...
Jan 31, 2014

Chink and Cookie

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Just a little quick video at our latest shoot showing Cookie and Chink having fun. Nothing big but thought might as well use the material for your pleasure. Read More...