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Who's hotter? You decide!

Katie  Blair0Gotta admit these are very well done pictures and not many models have the physique to model in just tape like Katie Blair. Your body has to be in shape to do this.

Instagram: @MsKatieBlair
Photographer: @lsfotography1

Katie  Blair Katie  Blair1 Katie  Blair2

The good stuff...

May 20, 2017

Klarivel Garcia

in Latest
Caught this cutie in my emails from Qs Flavas management, her name is Klarivel Garcia. Got a nice slender and sleek body and a nice cute face. Read More...
Jul 25, 2014

Khloe The Komeup

in Video
No social accounts on her yet but I got this in from Crowley Walnuts and it's something you really want to see! She's is banging. Her name is Khloe the Komeup. Read More...
Jul 08, 2014

Cutie: Kat Frenale

in Latest
Was waiting on these. Kat Frenale sent me these but didn't have them big enough, now that she does, I'm happy to post them. Read More...