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Got a new idea, and I'm just waiting on something before I launch it. Why won't I say? In this business, if you open your mouth, people will copy the fuck out of you and swore they were thinking it too if not first.

What's so funny about it is, since I haven't said a word I see absolutely NOBODY doing it. Now watch when I come out with it, you're going to get "I was thinking of that too" while they scramble to do it. I remember when I came out with the super hero idea, absolutely NOBODY was doing it. As SOON as I got on Twitter and opened my FAT mouth, dozens, yes DOZENS of copycats started doing it. Besides that, yep, I've been slacking on the updates, but it's the usual reasons. Life, dealing with my job, my wife, my daughter, myself, hell it's a wonder why I can do anything. I'll update probably tomorrow.

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