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Jordan Frye0 Meet Jordan T Frye. A certified personal trainer, and she's the real deal because her body is so fine tune and fit, it proves her statement. She's also just flat out attractive. Welcome to GGurls Jordan. We like you here.

Instagram: Jodan Frye


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The good stuff...

Jul 06, 2014

She is Taylor Arnell

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Now here's a cutie for you. Taylor Arnell makes her debut on GGurls thanks to new photographer Cosey Photo. She's pretty hot looking with a cute face, sleek body and gorgeous skin. Welcome Read More...
Oct 17, 2016

Cidnee Love

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These set of pictures got me motivated. This is Cidnee Love, perfect size, perfect little perfect body. Oh, and she's cute as fuck too. Read More...
Jun 18, 2018

Panda Versus Gissy

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OOOOHWEEEE this is maybe the best battle yet? You agree? Panda Supreme versus Gissy Doll. Two fantasy type chicks with some bodies you just won't believe (how good the surgeon did lol).… Read More...