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Jj Sienna0 Wait, you mean this is the first time we got super fine ass JJ Sienna (love that name) on here? Well anything worth having is worth waiting for! And these are GG exclusives, so you know we gotta brag about that. Thanks to both JJ and Biohertz who both just thought of us when they shot 'em. Hmmm? Biohertz is the best I've seen in Chicago, (and one of the best around period), gotta do more with him.

Instagram: @jjsienna
Photographer: @biohertz

Jj Sienna Jj Sienna1 Jj Sienna2 Jj Sienna3 Jj Sienna4

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The good stuff...

Mar 25, 2015

Envy Blu - Candid Shots

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Envy loves GGurls and GGurls love Envy, she sends us all her new stuff and we keep you updated with it. Here are some pictures she shot with the homie Photo Millz. Very classy. Read More...
Apr 29, 2014

Lady Eternity - Approved

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Ok that was quick! This is the first ever GGurl approved directly after seeing another email. In the last article I did a yay or nay on Lady Eternity. Read More...
Oct 01, 2013

The Carrie Out

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I know somebody is going to be surprised to these pictures up. These were some pretty nice shots we did in the studio with Carrie. Tried to capture her attitude and style with these… Read More...