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Jess Marie So I was doing a shoot with Jess Marie and somehow we got on the subject of Ggurls. Still not sure of how we got on the subject, but oh well. So at the end of the conversation...

I basically asked, if she wanted to do a Ggurls Exclusive look. And that's how we got to the this exclusive sexy from Jess Marie. The original shoot was not Ggurl inspired or even related. So how we got here, I'm still not sure. 


IG: @imjessmarie

Photographer: @inergeestudios



WEB JessMarie BodySuit 1180WEB JessMarie BodySuit 1171WEB JessMarie BodySuit 1157WEB JessMarie BodySuit 1193



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Jul 01, 2017


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