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Jeneva0One of our favorite GGurls Jeneva shot in the GG stickers and we like what we got

Her and our people Marcus from KG Mag sent these over to us recently and we're proud to show you the results. You're gonna love 'em.

Twitter: @JenevaTweets
Photographer: @Marcus_KG_Mag


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The good stuff...

Feb 16, 2014

Russian Twerk Contest

in Video
Twrking is worldwide baby, it's a big thing in Russia now. They have twerk contests, twerk dance routines and yes, twerk teams. Don't believe me? Watch this video of these Russian girls… Read More...
Aug 15, 2013

Black Girls Twerk in…

in Video
When twerking goes viral. These two black girls twerk in public on purspose just to get a reaction from people. Some like it, some don't. Pretty funny video either way. Read More...
Feb 10, 2015

Deanna Lolita - Nice Body

in Latest
Man, does Deanna Lolita have a really really nice body. From her perky booty to her perky chest all the way up to her gorgeous face, she does your eye sight right! Scroll down and see. Read More...