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Who's hotter? You decide!

Jasmine Monroe00 Here's another treat for you, Jasmine Monroe and all her sexiness now graces These are some pretty dope shots by J Alex.

Instagram: @jasmine_monroe_ Photographer: @J_AlexPhotos

Jasmine Monroe Jasmine Monroe1 Jasmine Monroe2

The good stuff...

Mar 06, 2014

Almost Ready! GGurls…

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It's been a long time coming baby! But after many setbacks and then much labor I finally, yes finnaly will have a print magazine! Talk about being excited. The magazine is in the hands of… Read More...
Nov 06, 2014

Karmela Sweetz - So Hot

in Video
Found this I don't know how, but glad I did. Seems I've been finding a lot of Karmela Sweetz (Angela Cruz) material lately. Enough blabbering (as if you're reading this) scroll down and… Read More...
Jul 07, 2016

Jasmine 4th of July

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Lol I said I was going to post the 4th pictures on the 5th, well here is one of the 6th! Hey, I got a life. Here is simply Jasmine from Polo (go hard). Read More...