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JasminCadavid 0 Hmmmmm? Finally officially got Jasmin Cadavid on here thanks to Alcole Studios. I mean, after all it's a perfect fit right? Hottest glamour site and one of the hottest glamour models out there. You can thank us in the comments

Instagram: @jasmincadavid
Photographer: @alcolestudios

JasminCadavid 1 JasminCadavid 2 JasminCadavid 3 JasminCadavid 4 JasminCadavid 5

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The good stuff...

May 31, 2018

Shani Rose - GGurl…

Getting these stickers started son. Got girls posing and taking pictures in them left and right. One of our favorites is Shani Rose. She is a very cute girl with a very nice chest, so it… Read More...
Jan 19, 2015


in Latest
Here's another cutie the GV image shot for GGurls. Kyta. Real nice girl. Love her size (of course) and she's a great fit for the team. I need her IG. Read More...
Oct 05, 2013

New Brittani Skyee…

in Latest
One bad bitch beat five funky hoes. Sometimes when we schedule shoots the girls don't turn out as hot as their IG or Twitter suggested. We can have five girls shooting and usually only get… Read More...