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Jan Xmas0 I call this one the Janet update. Ms Lissette has back to back features, gracing us with gorgeous pictures. It's always a great pleasure to see new work of Janet.

Instagram: @janet_lisette

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The good stuff...

May 11, 2016

Jennifer Charles

in Latest
I'll find out her Instagram later. I got this email from Jennifer Charles saying she wants to be down and I'm down with that idea. Looks like a lot of potential from these pics right? Let's… Read More...
Sep 03, 2017

Moriah Mills Topless

in Latest
I remember not too long ago somebody on Instagram saying Mariah Mills was just a tease and didn't show much. Even on her paid for Snapchat or whatever she was doing. Read More...
Jun 25, 2015

100 Degrees in LA

in Latest
Star (Make a Wish) is one of the most active and serious models you'll see. Here she is in this latest set titled: 100 Degrees in L.A. The pictures are literally astonishing. Read More...